Wright-Ingraham Institute

We promote and encourage the wise use of human and natural resources

The Wright-Ingraham Institute is a private, non-profit education and research institution founded in Colorado in 1970. It was established to promote, direct, encourage, and develop opportunities contributing to the conservation, preservation, and wise use of human and natural resources. The Institute hosts conferences and workshops on environmental issues and also makes small grants to 50l(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations whose mission is complementary to these goals.

The Institute opened the Richard T. Parker Advanced Center for Research in 1973 at its Running Creek Field Station site in the interest of conducting field research and educational workshops to study the ecosystems of the Front Range of Colorado.  Data from these studies is currently available to the public at the American Heritage Center in Wyoming and at the University of Colorado anthropology department.  The Field Station was closed in 2009.  The Richard T. Parker Center remains an integral part of the Wright-Ingraham Institute’s educational and environmental mission.

This mission focuses on research and education that concerns interrelationships between natural and human-built systems. In keeping with this mission, the Institute organizes educational programs and coordinates with other non-profit institutions to develop workshops, conferences, and public forums.   The Institute has participated, in the past, in resource management by holding conservation easements.   It also gives small annual grants to non-profit institutions that share common concerns.

The Institute raises funds from a variety of private, public and institutional sources. If you are interested in supporting the work of the Wright Ingraham Institute, please CONTACT US TODAY.

Colorado topographic map
If you are interested in supporting the work of the Wright-Ingraham Institute, please make a donation today.

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