KTK-Belt -- Woman with her crop

With $5,000 in funding from the Wright Ingraham Institute last year, KTK-BELT was able to save 22 acres of pangolin forest in Maharaje Yangshila from land grabbing and haphazard development.

One year later, KTK-BELT is raising funds to expand this area into an 835-acre protected forest that will contain over 250 types of endangered trees. In addition to the pangolin, other threatened species like the black giant squirrel, grey langur monkey, and golden monitor lizard will be protected by this forest.

KTK-BELT is also now creating a 100-acre bio-intensive farm that is employing the most economically vulnerable local farmers, including single mothers, whose children are being provided with scholarships. Maharaje will be the site of the 2nd campus of the Vertical University, which was recently featured on CNN.

Elizabeth W. Ingraham Grant
Amount: $10000
Recipient: Environmental Protection Network

Richard T. Parker Grant
Amount: $10000
Recipient: Headwaters Economics

Sustaining Grants
Amount: $5000 each

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