Virtual Drinks & Speaker Series

Wednesday, October 20, 5:30pm Eastern
2:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Mountain

Please join us for our special focus on the WII Grants program. Learn more about current recipients, the upcoming awards, and the impact the program has.

This special event will be followed by the 3rd of our fall Field Stations Lecture Series.

2021 Field Station Ecology & Justice Speaker Series, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Rooted Futures: Land, Food & Water Sovereignty



The current climate crisis and increasing development pressures in the U.S. are revealing centuries-old injustices around land, food and water. In the Southwest, Indigenous people have been especially impacted by conventional agriculture, extractive industries and discriminatory policies that threaten the sacred connections they have had to these lands since time immemorial. In this panel we will hear from Indigenous knowledge-keepers, farmers and land and water protectors who are leading efforts to undo the harm to their culture and lifeways caused by systems of oppression since colonial contact. Particularly through youth engagement, these leaders are seeding community-driven and ancestrally rooted land, food and water initiatives that prioritize well-being for current and future generations of humans and more-than-humans. This event considers the meaning of sovereignty for Indigenous communities, lands and waterways, and asks how Indigenous knowledge systems can address the current challenges of our time.


  • Julia Bernal (Sandia Pueblo), Director, Pueblo Action Alliance
  • Lilian Hill (Quechan/Hopi), Executive Director, Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance |Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute
  • Teresa Montoya (Diné), Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago Department of Anthropology
  • Tiana Suazo (Taos/Jemez Pueblo) – Executive Director, Red Willow Center
  • Lily Raphael, Community Planner, Wright-Ingraham Institute Field Stations program (moderator)

Gather your ingredients and ready your cocktails, virgin or otherwise, to toast to our Fall season event together!