Virtual Drinks & Speaker Series

Wednesday, August 25, 5:30pm Eastern
2:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Mountain

Please join The Wright-Ingraham Institute on Wednesday, August 25th, at 5:30pm ET to partake in a virtual toast and a short presentation to learn more about our Institute and the work that we do. Immediately following, at 6:00pm ET, we will kick off the first in our fall Design Ecology & Justice Speaker Series, hosted by our Field Stations program in the lead-up to our 2022 workshop. This discussion will explore Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Education.


  • Ted Jojola, Director, Indigenous Design and Planning Institute, University of New Mexico
  • Melinda Laituri, Professor Emeritus, Geography, Colorado State University
  • David Orr, Author, Professor of Environmental Studies Emeritus, Oberlin College
  • Kevin Bone (Moderator), Program Director of The Wright-Ingraham Institute’s Field Stations program.

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Education

Interdisciplinary, environmental education oriented toward the design and planning professions started in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, when educators sought to combine the visions of different fields such as architecture, ecology, urban planning and engineering to solve pressing social problems. Although by the 1990s and early 2000s, interdisciplinary frameworks in environmental education had become mainstream, educators continue to hone the purpose, ethics and collaborative frameworks for interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and multidisciplinary environmental education. One framework for environmental education has been the place-based learning approach, which proposes nature and project-based learning as a starting point for building skills, community responsibility, social justice and an ethical standpoint toward the world. This panel discusses the purpose and orientation of environmental education in the early 21st century using models and discussion from educators in environmental studies, planning, geography, social sciences and other interdisciplinary fields.


Gather your ingredients and ready your drinks, virgin or otherwise, to toast to our first fall season event together!