Field Stations

New Futures for Rural Landscapes
Field Stations is a month-long immersive educational experience that examines ecologically-critical places facing rapid change. The program, rooted in place-based, regional exploratory studies, focuses on improving integrative understandings that connect natural and cultural systems. Participants work collaboratively to gain fresh perspectives and insights in field research experience, adapt knowledge of natural systems to our evolving environments, and learn principles of sustainability and environmental regeneration that can be synthesized and applied to complex problem-solving across a range of disciplines.


Integrative Studies
Sustainability, Regeneration & Resilience

Field Stations is focused on understanding the connectivity of natural and cultural systems. Participants work collaboratively to synthesize and contribute insights gathered during the workshop to integrative inquiries into environmental resilience, regeneration, and sustainability.

Integrative studies is a pedagogical method that emphasizes cross-disciplinary systems thinking. By bringing diverse viewpoints and practitioners together, we can examine connectedness and build on the proposition that we (humans) are fully a part of nature. Understanding this degree of connectedness is critical to successfully resolving challenging environmental and social issues in our rapidly changing world.

The integrative studies model incorporates emerging understandings of natural systems, new theories of rural and urban settlements, and in-field observations by participants. It encourages lively exchanges of ideas throughout the workshop experience.

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2022 Northern Summer
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2021 Speaker Series


Call For Applications

The Wright-Ingraham Institute invites early career candidates and graduate students from all fields and cultural backgrounds to join us for summer 2022 in the San Juan River Basin (Southwestern United States). Participants will gain new perspectives and field research experience, adapting knowledge of natural systems to our evolving environment while learning basic principles of sustainability and environmental regeneration.

Recent Field Stations


In 2019, the Wright-Ingraham Institute hosted a Field Stations workshop in Bogotá, Medellín, and the Middle Magdalena River Valley, Colombia. Ten students from six different countries, working with a mix of core faculty and visiting specialists, engaged in a co-learning environment to advance this experimental vision of education.