2023 Icelandic Field Stations
Logistics and Costs


All lectures and coursework will be in English.

Dates and Duration of Course

The Icelandic Field Stations will run for 13 days over the summer of 2023, from 29th July through August 10th.

TUITION COST (All prices listed in US$)

For students: $990
For working professionals: $1090

The course fee includes all return transportation to and from Reykjavik, along with all travel related to the course excursions.

Participants will be required to pay their full tuition within 21 days of acceptance to the program.

For more information on costs, please see details below and refer to participant sample budget below. 



THE KIÐAGIL GUESTHOUSE takes its name from a tributary gully far to the south along Skjálfandafljót river, historically regarded as the border between wilderness and human habitation. Kiðagil is located at a mid-point in the Bárðardalur valley, which allows for easy excursions to many of our planned destinations, including to the Svartárkot farm, Lake Mývatn, the town of Húsavík and the Goðafoss waterfalls. Because of its history as a boarding school, it has a built-in classroom, a large kitchen/dining room and sleeps up to 35 people, making it highly suitable for lectures and gatherings.

Full room and board (including all meals) is provided exclusively by Kiðagil Guesthouse and is included in the price of accommodation. Participants will need to book their room and board directly with the Guesthouse. More information is available through thislink. Prices vary depending on whether single rooms with private or shared rooms are selected. Single rooms are limited, and participants will likely need to room share. When contacting the Guesthouse, please let them know that they are taking part in the Svartárkot Culture-Nature/Wright-Ingraham Institute course in 2023.


Accommodation in Höfn is already reserved by the Wright-Ingraham Institute. On this leg of the journey, participants will pay Wright-Ingraham Institute directly in addition to paying their tuition for the program. The estimated total cost for three days accommodation is $661 per participant (based on current exchange rates). This does not include food, and participants must purchase their own food over this leg of the course. Participants will be required to room share with shared bathroom for these three nights. Accommodation is provided by Hvammur Guesthouse.


For those looking for accommodation in Reykjavik, the City Center Hotel is a convenient option, bookable directly through this link. Other affordable accommodation is available in the city, but the City Center Hotel will be the drop-off point on the final evening of the Field Station.

Ground Transportation

Participants will be picked up and dropped off by bus in Reykjavík (location TBA). The bus will take us from Reykjavík to Kiðagil, following on to Höfn and back to Reykjavík at the end of the IFS. It will also be provided to transport us for all day excursions, at no extra cost to participants. 

Participants will be required to get to and from the airport to the pick up and drop off points in Reykjavík themselves, at their own cost.

Anticipated Participant Budget and Expense Breakdown

Below is an approximate expense breakdown for participants that includes all basic expenses and a contingency.

Room and full board, including meals, in Kiðagil (shared room, 9 nights, payable to Kiðagil Guesthouse)
Accommodation in Höfn, meals not included (shared room, 3 nights, payable to Wright-Ingraham Institute)

Participant Sample Budget (Shared Room)
Course Tuition ($990 students, $1090 for working professionals) $990.00
Est. R/T International Airfare to Reykjavik $750.00
Room and board in Kiðagil (shared room, 9 nights) $1,134.00
Accommodation in Höfn (shared room, 3 nights, payable to WII) $661.00
Meals in Höfn (à la carte) $280.00
Accommodation per night in Reykjavik (one night on arrival, est.) $100.00
Accommodation per night in Reykjavik (one night pre-departure, est.) $100.00
Est. return airport shuttle to downtown Reykjavik (if required) $70.00
Travel insurance – mandatory (estimated) $100.00
Est. Student Costs: $4,185.00

COVID Policy

A small group, of ten to fifteen participants, is the foundation of the WII Field Stations experience. This model, we call it a pod, maximizes time spent in open spaces, which greatly reduces many of the risks associated with the transmission of Covid-19. Participants should be aware, however, that lectures are held indoors, we eat meals together, and there is time spent traveling daily to and from our field excursions. Our accommodations likely also require room sharing. In these contexts, we will not be socially distanced.

We require all participants, without exception, to provide proof of vaccination, acknowledge our safety protocols, and sign our liability waiver upon acceptance to the program.

Travel Insurance

Obtaining private travel insurance is a requirement and an obligation that falls to the participant.

Entry Requirements

Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of departure from the Schengen area (of which Iceland is a part).

Visit the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration website for the most current visa information.

Iceland is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter Iceland for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.  You need sufficient funds and a return airline ticket. Further information for US citizens entering Iceland.

For additional details about US citizens traveling into and within Schengen countries, please see our Schengen fact sheet.


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